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Matthew Latkiewicz

a writer who works in print, digital, and televisual mediums

Most Recently

I am host and co-creator of You Can Do Better, a half hour comedy advice show on TruTV.

We give advice on topics you never thought needed advice, but which totally do; things like DRINKING and TATTOOS and HANGING OUT WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS.

Summary of the past

I am the author of You Suck at Drinking, a humor book about drinking. My writing and comedy have appeared in various publications including McSweeney’s, Grub Street, Time's Techland, Wired, Details Magazine, and other small zines and academic journals you’d be hard pressed to find nowadays. I used to do customer service and creative direction at Zendesk, and before that owned a cafe called The Lady Killigrew Cafe in Montague, MA. It was a cool cafe. I now live in Los Angeles, CA with my interior designing wife.

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Selected works

Work Published Type
You Can Do Better TruTV TV Show
You Suck at Drinking Running Press Book
Sloshed Column Grub Street Drink Writing
You Will Not Believe Tours: Fake Audio Walking Tours of Real Places Independent Comedy (Experiment)
A representative for Dove's new line of Men's Body Soap asks for a bit of your time McSweeney's Comedy
Farm-To-Table Weed Exists — & It Comes In A Mason Jar Refinery29 Culture Writing
Stained Teeth Column McSweeney's Drink Writing
Star Wars Yoga Independent Comedy
A History of Stand-up Comedy North Star Class for teenagers
How to Drink Like an Adult Refinery29 Drink Writing
This is Zendesk Zendesk Corporate recruiting video
Reading Notes: A paper based note-taking system for readers Independent Notebooks
Welcome to the team! Independent Email Theater (In Development)

Getting in touch

@mattlatmatt on Twitter and Instagram.

I have an that is infrequent, potentially wordy, and always full of charm