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Matthew Latkiewicz

a creative director and writer for hire

I help brands envision and execute creative projects.

Whether your project is a video, a website, a live event, or a presentation deck for the CEO, I can make both the process and the final product much better.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I was a creative director at Zendesk for 7 years, where I ran the video and copywriting teams. Our videos were often recognized as some of the most interesting and effective in the software industry, including this piece on LinkedIn's blog about the recruiting video we made, and this one about a real fake grunge band we created for an SEO play.

Before that I designed websites for magazines, and before that I ran a restaurant and did all the branding. Along the way, I've written for magazines and blogs, published a humor book, and created a comedy advice television show on truTV.

I love nothing more than solving a creative puzzle, so if you got one that needs solving, I'd love to hear from you.

Creative Services

  • Creative Direction, from brainstorming to post-mortems
  • Copywriting for ads, blogs, videos, websites, and more
  • Video Making, from producing to directing and editing
  • Presentation design and editing: I can make your powerpoint look great and make sense!
  • Voiceover: I am a professional voice actor with a home studio. Listen to my demo.


TV and Web Commercials

Recruiting Videos

Customer and Team Stories

Explainer Videos

"Viral" videos

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