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the Reel

Matthew Latkiewicz

a writer who also performs on television, stage, and in voiceover

I am a writer, actor, host, musical theater, voiceover kind of fella.

I moved to Los Angeles in 2016 when a book I wrote got turned into a tv show I hosted on truTV for two seasons and 26 episodes. Since then, I've written and hosted a show called Drinktionary for DrinkTV—a new VOD service—been in a short film out soon, and won a Valley Theater award for best actor in a musical.

I am also currently in development on a play in the form of a sales presentation called Life Plan.

I love collaborating, so if you want to talk about the above or anything you are up to, please get in touch: • 413-475-2781

For those that wish it, please enjoy this:





And of course | 413-475-2781


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Also I have an that is infrequent, potentially wordy, and always full of charm